The OMRA has been around since 1972 and is the statewide sanctioning body for  
off-road motorcycle events for the state of Oregon. It is a member-run club, whose
main purpose is to unite responsible trail riders, racers and dualsport riders who
wish to promote, preserve and protect enjoyable off-road recreation while, at the
same time, emphasizing FUN!  

This dedicated organization regularly meets to study, evaluate, and make
recommendations on issues of importance to Oregon riders.

OMRA members consist of all ages who are comprising individuals, families, and
commercial members.

Monthly meetings of the OMRA are held the first Wednesday of each month     
(except the November Calendar Meeting).

The OMRA is involved in many issues:

  • Sets rules, regulations and compiles results for Oregon ISDE, Cross-Country,
    Grand-Prix, Dualsport and Poker Run series of events.

  • Fights land closures of riding areas for all OHVs.

  • Volunteering and the OMRA Trail_Maintenance program.

  • Works extensively on legislative issues that affect off-road riding.

  • Promotes family fun events along with quality racing formats and advocates a
    positive image of motorcycling to the public.

Join hundreds of OMRA members who stand together for one purpose – to protect
your right to ride and race in Oregon.
Be ready for your
Dirt Bike / ATV Evaluation.
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Program Guide.
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*  Bring the youth's
motorcycle or quad,
ready to ride and the
right size!

*  Have completed the
OPRD on‐line Safety
Education Course.   
Bring verification of
completion (Either
ATV Safety Education
Card, or, printed
Certificate of

*  Have a parent or
guardian accompany
you (if you are 15 or

*  Helmet
(DOT approved
motorcycle helmet
that fits properly)

*  Goggles
(or helmet with shield)

*  Gloves

*  Sturdy shoes or
boots (over-the-ankle)
No Tennis Shoes

*  Long‐sleeve shirt

*  Long pants
On-site checklist
for evaluation
(parents and kids):
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Join your local
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For more information contact:
Dan Jordan
Youth Education / YSEP Director
PO Box 2984 Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 913-0528     Fax (503) 591-0623