From Jacksonville, take Hwy 238 west to
Jacksonville Reservoir Rd. and follow the MRA
signs to the top.  Park in the upper staging area,
the class will be held in the lower staging area.
Be ready for your
Dirt Bike / ATV Evaluation.
Download a copy of the
Program Guide.
Click Here
*  Bring the youth's
motorcycle or quad,
ready to ride and the
*  Have completed the
OPRD on‐line Safety
Education Course.   
Bring verification of
completion (Either
ATV Safety Education
Card, or, printed
Certificate of

*  Have a parent or
guardian accompany
you (if you are 15 or

*  Helmet
(DOT approved
motorcycle helmet
that fits properly)

*  Goggles
(or helmet with shield)

*  Gloves

*  Sturdy shoes or
boots (over-the-ankle)
No Tennis Shoes

*  Long‐sleeve shirt

*  Long pants
On-site checklist
for evaluation
(parents and kids):
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Training Locator
Download Your
2018 OHV Guide
Tim & Charlotte Knott
YSEP Evaluators
You can get
your ATV Permits
42.346746, -123.016852
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  1. Copy the GPS coordinates above
  2. Open the Maps App on your phone
  3. Paste the coordinates into the Search bar

Starting from Jacksonville, this should lead
you to the upper staging area at Lily Prairie.