Our names are Tim & Charlotte Knott.  We've lived near Medford, OR in the
Applegate Valley for the last 30+ years, and we have 4 sons, Tim Jr., Zach, Josh &
Brandon.  Tim has been riding motorcycles off & on for over the last 40 years,     
and Charlotte off & on for about the last 12 or so.  It wasn't until around   
September of 2013 when our 3rd son Josh (age 14), found a dirt bike he wanted    
to buy with the money he had saved up, and of course, once he got his, it wasn't
long thereafter before everyone had one, and we started riding together as a family.

It wasn't long before we found out we all needed to have Oregon ATV Safety
Education Cards, and, the two younger boys needed to take a Hands-On
Evaluation Class.  After looking for several months for a class close by and not
finding any, we started calling around and ended up talking with Dan Jordan, who
is the Director of the OMRA (Oregon Motorcycle Rider's Association).  He said     
they were having trouble finding volunteers in our area to hold these classes, and
asked if we would be willing to become certified and put on these classes in our

In March of 2014, we became certified and started providing Hands-On   
Evaluations in our area of Southern Oregon.  At that time, the state had only
worked a deal for the OMRA to provide these Evaluation Classes for Dirt Bikes,   
but in 2017 the state gave us the opportunity to add Quads to our evaluations.

We have enjoyed providing this service, and have had the opportunity to certify
many youth between the ages of 6 through 15 years of age.  In our classes, we
begin with a refresher of safety information they had gone over in their online
course when they were assigned their certification number, sharing personal
stories of experiences we have had, and explaining the importance of riding safe,
smart and ethically.  Then we go over rider fit, making sure they understand the
controls of the dirt bikes & quads they are riding, and explain the importance of
riding something that fits properly, as well as what to look for when they grow     
out of their ATV (dirt bike or quad),and how to make sure the next one fits
properly.   We then do a follow the leader portion, where we lead them with our
quad around the outside perimeter of the course, then through the course to give
them an idea of what they will be doing.  We then send them through the course
one at a time to demonstrate (hands-on), their ability to control their ATV without
falling while following directions.  And finally, we do follow the leader one last    
time through the course with everyone.

The course was designed by the OMRA to be simple enough that a youth 6  years
of age, should have no problems passing the course, yet at the same time, allow
youth through 15 years of age, to demonstrate their riding ability, to weave  
between cones (representing swerving between trees on a trail), riding in   circles
in both directions (showing their ability to control their ATV in sharp turns),
swerving to miss obstacles, and riding over obstacles (representing roots across
trails, small trees or rocks in the trail etc.), while showing their ability to start &   
stop several times throughout the course, while following directions.  To this day,
we have never had to tell someone they needed to get some more experience
before they come back to take the course again.  

We have enjoyed watching the excitement on the faces of the youth, to receive
their temporary cards showing they passed the course and are now certified to  
ride on public land.  One of the cutest memories that come to mind was a 5 year  
old girl about to turn 6, who tried the course on her little Honda 50 and went
through the whole thing as though it was nothing.  We look forward to meeting   
you in our future classes, and hope to see you soon.  

Currently, we offer Hands-On Evaluation Classes once each month (except    
during October's hunting season), and depending on the amount of youth being
registered, depends on if we were to schedule an additional in a month.  If you  
have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to
contact us.
Be ready for your
Dirt Bike / ATV Evaluation.
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Program Guide.
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*  Bring the youth's
motorcycle or quad,
ready to ride and the
right size!

*  Have completed the
OPRD on‐line Safety
Education Course.   
Bring verification of
completion (Either
ATV Safety Education
Card, or, printed
Certificate of

*  Have a parent or
guardian accompany
you (if you are 15 or

*  Helmet
(DOT approved
motorcycle helmet
that fits properly)

*  Goggles
(or helmet with shield)

*  Gloves

*  Sturdy shoes or
boots (over-the-ankle)
No Tennis Shoes

*  Long‐sleeve shirt

*  Long pants
On-site checklist
for evaluation
(parents and kids):
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